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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

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Monday, June 27, 2011

DeVende Photography's free Wedding day give away...

Here's how it works. Email us a photo that you would like posted on our Facebook page with one sentence about you and your fiance. > It will then be posted on June 29 in a Gallery called : 2011 Give away contestants. > Then get all your friends to "LIKE" your photo. The person with the most "LIKE'S" Wins! The competition will be between 6-10 couples only, so the chances remain high. Rally up your Facebook friends and family to "LIKE" your photo.The competition will last 4-6 weeks! Email us to enter or ask questions at

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vic & Kim Testimonial

When I think of Devende Photography, I think of family.   My husband and I were searching for a photographer for our wedding and we wanted someone eclectic and timeless. When we found Devende Photography, we knew instantly that he would provide us with everything we were looking for.  Having Devende photography as our photographer was the BEST decision we made.  They are the most innovative, modern-day, distinct photography company in Southern California.  Their work is classic, yet contemporary with immense color and digital imaging. Our wedding photos were amazing and the photo album expressed our unique wedding day and personsonalities. When I go back to look at them, it takes me back to that day like it were yesterday. They've become our family photographer's.  They photographed another event for us recently , and we intend to use them for all of our future life milestones.  They will always have our business because we know that they have amazing work & service, but most of all a friendship for a lifetime.!!! You will not be dissatisfied! ~ The Garcia's (Victor and Kim)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pocket Wizard AC9 setup, tutorial, and technical support for Nikon version

Well we just got the Pocket Wizard AC9 for Alien Bees B1600 and could not get it to work. No one on the internet had any helpful advice to get the AC9 for Nikon to work, which is why we created this support page. We called Pocket Wizard and they could not get it to work either. They said we were the first to call for the Nikon version. But we found the solution on our own. As you know we proudly use Nikon therefore we are one of the first to use the AC9 for Nikon. What you have to do to get it to work:

Go to Pocket Wizard utility (open)>  plug in your TT5 with the AC9 attached> Click on the little blue gear on the bottom left corner of the Pocket Wizard utility (the configure updates button)> Click on the firmware updates tab (note: simply updating firmware to the latest update wont do it, you have to manually get the beta test firmware)> Click on "yes i would like to have access to the beta test firmware (version 2 build 146 or Latest Beta)> Hit OK and download the firmware (version 2- build 146 or Latest Beta)> Then repeat the process for the rest of your TT1's and TT5's and your good to go. (Note: make sure you have the dummy mini sync cord in to shut down the optical slave)

Let us know on our blog if this was helpfull to you, and please "LIKE" us on Facebook for the helpfull hints or contact us through our website

Take care fellow photographers!
DeVende Photography

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Paul C. Buff Inc. & DeVende Photography

Well, we shot a wedding this weekend in Las Vegas which was absolutely fabulous. We got some excellent Bride & Groom portraits of Kevin & Cortney Hughes and everything went great........until a gust of wind came by and blew over our studio flash units which broke of course. One was an AlienBee B1600 studio strobe which is my favorite, which cracked in the back next to the AC plug......tear. I called Paul C. Buff Inc. and was wondering how much it was going to cost to repair one of DeVende Photography,s favorite lights. To my surprise they stated they will repair it for free just send it in. To all you fellow Photographers out there, not only are these flash heads great products and superb light but they have excellent customer service. Believe the hype, this company rocks! Thank you! The photo above was done with a AB 1600 with large softbox (just before the wind blew it over) , and an SB900 speedlight behind the bride to simulate the sun and create a solar flare triggered by Pocket Wizard TT5's. (Nikon D700 with 17-35mm)


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jon & Edi

We had a great shoot yesterday with Jon & Edi. From makeup at MAC, Pasadena city Hall, Santa Monica pier, wow what an adventure. Myself as well as Jon & Edi did get wet as the tide came up sooner than expected. Jon's shoes, wallet, and cell phone was almost a total loss. We took a break at a fantastic hotdog stand and then called it a night. Pictures will be up shortly, but we wanted to thank Jon & Edi for some great times.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Eric & Elizabeth

Wow, what a classic couple this is. It was no effort at all to give this shoot that 1940's feel. Eric who works for the Armed Forces had such a spectacular look for this shoot. Of course he was in the shadow of his beautiful Fiance Elizabeth who needed no coaching to get that classic look in her vintage apparel with pretentious black pumps. They drew so much attention as we walked through Union Station with people yelling " OMG! look at them" or " You guys are so sexy"and so on. It was a rewarding experience to shoot these two and we are Honored to be their Photographers. Thank you again Eric & Elizabeth!